Naveen Patnaik
Hon'ble Chief Minister
Directorate of Geology
The Directorate of Geology undertakes systematic geological survey and exploration of minerals/ore resources for augmentation of State's revenue through increase in exploitation of minerals and ores which are essential prerequisite for both immediate and long term planned development of the state. The Directorate of Geology emerged as a separate entity after the bifurcation of the erstwhile Directorate of Mining & Geology during 1997. The Directorate of Mining & Geology was originally created as Directorate of Mines in 1955.

Drilling, Sampling & Analysis

Directorate takes up commercial drilling for minerals and groundwater for clients like CMPDIL, MCL and KIOL , NALCO etc. A total of 2036.2 metres of drilling was achieved during the field season 2013-14. Contact Sri S N Parida,JDG (L-I) on +91 674 239 4580 during office hours.

Gem Testing

Get your gemstone tested in the sophisticated State of the Art Gem-Lab of the Directorate. We are equipped with the best instruments and our experts are the best in the business. Our certificate is recognised all over. For details call Sri K. D. Nath, , Geologist on +91 674 232 3630 during office hours.

Survey & Exploration

Commercial exploration facilities are available to clients throughout the year. Take advantage of our vastly experienced Geoscientists and a range of state of the art exploration equipment for survey, mapping and other requirement. Contact Sri S N Parida,JDG (L-I) on +91 674 239 4580

Remote Sensing Services

The Remote Sensing Cell of the Directorate of Geology is well equipped with many-fold potentiality in rendering services for promotion of geological exploration and geo-environmental studies. For details contact Sri J.P.Behera,Geologist on +91 9861132669

High Resolution Airborne Geophysical Data

Procure magnetic, radiometric and DEM data, images and contours for interpretation of subsurface geology from the Data Processing Centre. CallDr. Mrs. S. A. Jena, Geologist on +919437172589 for purchase of digital data/ maps, images and a host of other services.

Ore Dressing and Mineral Processing

The Ore Dressing Laboratory undertakes processing of ores, minerals, Diamond Indicator Mineral (DIM) samples (gravel, loam and bulk concentrate) and beach sand samples. ContactSri P. K. Mohanty, Ore Dressing Assistant on +91 9861330069

Granite Cutting and Polishing

We undertake cutting and polishing of dimension and decorative stone samples to ascertain quality. For commercial cutting and polishing work contact Sri K. Mahanta, Asst. Mines Manager on +91 9861447871

Petrological Analysis of rock & ore samples

The Petrology Lab is manned by trained & experienced Petrologists. It is well equipped to take up commercial thin section study of rock samples, ore microscopic study, beach sand study, DIM scanning. Contact Dr P K Chand, Petrologist on +91 674 232 3629
Get Geophysical services for locating groundwater, concealed mineral bodies and finding tentative depth of ore bearing horizons through Electrical, magnetic and other geophysical methods.
Contact - Sri G.K. Bhuyan , JDG L-i, on 91-674 2392008 during office hours.
Exploration Reports on a number of mineral deposits of the state are available on sale.
Please call Mr P C Mishra, Geologist on +91 674 232 3611 for details of procedure.
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