Department of Steel & Mines

About the department

Orissa is endowed with vast resources of a variety of minerals and occupies a prominent place in the country as a mineral rich State. Abundant reserves of high-grade Iron ore, Bauxite, Chromite, Manganese ore along with other minerals such as Coal, Limestone, Dolomite, Tin, Nickel, Vanadium, Lead, Graphite, Gold, Gemstone, Diamond, Dimension & Decorative Stone etc. are extensively available in the State. This has opened up immense possibilities for locating mineral based industries for manufacture of Steel, Ferro-alloys, Cement, Alumina/ Aluminum, Refractories, Thermal Power etc., along with setting up other auxiliary and ancillary downstream industries.

The Steel & Mines Department is one of the important Departments of Government of Orissa. It works for the development of the mineral resources of the State under the regulatory powers.   It also encourages and provides support for value addition and end-use of minerals in the State. Thereby creating facilities for employment, Socio-economic development and fetching more revenue for the State. The main functions and activities of the Department of Steel and Mines are systematic survey and assessment of the mineral deposits of the State, their exploitation, administration of mines and mineral concession, enforcement measures for prevention of illegal mining and smuggling of minerals, assessment and collection of mining revenue, study of the impact of mining operation on environment and research and development of areas and minerals for meeting the needs of mineral based industries in the State. The Steel and Mines Department is the administrative Department of the Directorate of Mines, the Directorate of Geology and Orissa Mining Corporation Ltd.