Directorate of Mines

Mineral Concession

During the year 2003-2004, 10 nos. of mining leases and 22 nos. of prospecting licenses for major minerals covering 742.900 hects. and 811.500 hects. respectively have been granted. Besides 7 nos. of quarry leases for decorative stones over a total area of 23.693 hects. have also been granted by the State Govt. The Mining Industries have generated daily average employment for 60,000 people mostly tribal in the rural sector of the State. The mineral production in the State is accounted at 87.35 million tones during 2002-2003. Here it is pertinent to mention that during the year 2001-02, 2002-03 & 2003-04 the total mineral production was 74982397 MT, 87350586 MT and 108030044 MT respectively.

Emphasis has been given on grant of mining leases for mineral based industries for value addition, so as to generate more employment and to promote industrialization in the State. Attention has been given for development of Granite resources and setting up of granite polishing units. The Directorate of Mines is committed to effective implementation of Orissa Minerals (Prevention, Theft and Smuggling and other Un-lawful Activities) Act, 1989 and Rules 1990 framed there under to curb the illegal mining activities and trading of ores/ minerals and to prevent leakage of revenue.