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During the year 2009-10, only 1 (one) RML covering 107.24 hectares and One PL covering 280.7554 hectares and one RP over 327.43 Sq km. for major mineral have been granted. Besides 7(seven) Prospecting Licenses for decorative stone covering 144.468 hectares have also been granted by the State Government. Emphasis has been given on grant of mining leases for mineral based industries for value addition, preferably in the State so as to generate more employment and to promote industrialization in the State. However during the financial year 2009-10, 181 applications for P.L., 104 applications for ML, and 27(twenty seven) applications for RML and 4 (four) nos. of application for R.P. have been processed. Likewise the application in respect of decorative stone, 85 nos of PL, 11 nos of ML, 8 nos of RML, and 14 nos of QL applications have been received during the year 2009-10, and 70 nos of PL, 10 nos of ML, 5 nos of RML, and 14 nos of QL. of applications have been disposed by Director of Mines during the year 2009-10.

The mineral sector earned revenue to the tune of Rs.2020.71 crores during the year 2009-10 which exceeded the collection figure of the Rs.1380.59 crores during the corresponding period of 2008-09 by Rs.640.12 crores.

The State Govt. has framed Orissa Minerals(Prevention of Theft Smuggling & Illegal Mining and Regulation of Transportation, Storage & Trading) Rules,2007 in pursuance to provision of Section 23C of M&M(D&R) Act,1957 to curb the illegal mining activities and trading of Ores/minerals and to prevent leakage of revenue and actions are being taken as follows:

  • Government have constituted State Level Task Force (SLTF) under the Chairmanship of the Chief Secretary along with Secretaries and Heads of important Departments/ Organizations for more effective inter- Departmental Coordination and monitoring and to curb illegal activities vide Steel & Mines Department Notification No.5145/dt.14.09.09.
  • District Level Task Force has also been constituted under the Chairmanship of Collector-cum-Dist. Magistrate to monitor illegal mining activities in districts.
  • Interdepartmental Force i.e. State Level Enforcement Squad (SLES) have been formed under the control of Director of Mines for conducting regular checks and raids on illegal mining and officers have been delegated with appropriate power under various Acts and Rules like IPC, Orissa Forest Act,1992, OMPTS Rules,2007 with Statewide jurisdiction.
  • Newly designed transit passes have been introduced w.e.f. 16.8.09 and Old transit passes have been withdrawn. Water mark based newly designed TPs have been introduced w.e.f. 1.4.2010.
  • In order to delineate the lease boundaries correctly to detect illegal mining and to avoid scope for manipulation of survey stones and lease boundaries by ML holders, modern survey Techniques like use NRSA/ORSAC maps, digitize maps are being implemented with the techniques adopted by different Departments like Revenue and Disaster & Management, Forest & Environment Department.
  • This Department have authorized Police personnel to make complaint in respect of cases calling within the area of their respective Police Stations of the districts of Sundargarh, Mayurbhanj and Keonjhar.
    • Seize any mineral , tool, equipment, vehicle and such other things which are liable to be seized under sub-section(4) of section 21 and search for such mineral, document or thing under said section 23B; and
    • Enter and inspect any mine and do other acts as provided under said section 24. (vide Notification No.2638/dt.3.5.2010 read with Office Order No.2656/dt.3.5.2010)
  • Four Committees have been constituted to study and recommend reforms on following points.
    • Setting up integrated check gates
    • Revenue intelligence
    • Regularization of weigh bridges.
    • Inter-departmental Committee (IOG) to study and suggest the technology including IT application to be deployed in mineral administration .
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