Directorate of Geology
Geology Department


The drilling wing of the Directorate is equipped with 30 drilling rigs out of which 10 rigs are in serviceable condition. During the year 2016-17 these rigs are being used in Iron ore, Limestone and Graphite exploration of the Directorate and 2300.5m drilling has been accomplished.

The details of the rigs of the Directorate are mentioned below.

Capacity of rigs No. of rigs Type of rig Make
Upto 150m depth 01 DTH ITH-10
Upto 300m depth 18 Coring L&T and Voltas KME-300
Upto 500m depth 10 Coring L&T and Voltas Drillmax
Upto 1000m depth 1 Coring KME1000 (Truck mounted)
Drilling operation in one of the iron ore mines