Directorate of Geology
Geology Department

Petrological Laboratory (As per Order No. 7155/SM,BBSR Dt. 06.09.2018)

The petrological laboratory is an integral part of the Directorate as it guides Geologists working in the field to orient their future course of action. This laboratory manned by trained and experienced petrologists is equipped with Polarising Microscope, Ore Microscope, Stereo-binocular Microscope, Rock cutting machine, Grinding and Polishing machine.

The Petrological laboratory undertakes the following works .

Thin section study of rock samples
Identification of minerals, textural relationship, grade of metamorrphism, degree of alteration, micro structure (if any) and precise nomenclature and classification of rock samples.

Ore Microscopic Study
Identification of ore minerals, texture and nomenclature.

Beach Sand Study
Identification and grain counting of minerals like ilmenite, rutile, zircon, monazite, sillimanite, garnets etc. of samples collected from Ganjam-Puri coast.

Diamond Indicator Mineral Scanning
Identification of diamond indicator minerals like ilmenite, picroilmenite, pyrope and chrome-diopside.

The laboratory has a well equipped grinding and polishing unit for preparation of thin and polished sections. This is the only petrological laboratory in the state which not only caters to the need of the geologists of this Directorate but a number of private mining entrepreneurs.  Interested agencies may get their samples analysed here on payment basis with the following rates:

Sl No. Type Price(Excluding GST)
1. Preparation of standard thin section of rocks Rs 500/-
2. Petrographic Report of a rock sample Rs 2000/-
3. Photomicrograph of a thin sectio/ polished section Rs 1000/-
4. Identification of heavy minerals in sand grains(10gm) under stereo bionocular microscope Rs 2000/-